Markham Stouffville Crisis Pregnancy Centre

About Us

  • The Pregnancy Centre is affiliated with Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) and has been serving the Markham-Stouffville region since May 1991.
  • The Pregnancy Centre is comprised of board, staff and volunteers who have received training in crisis support. Everyone has a deep commitment and care for each individual and their needs. The support is not a substitute for professional counselling.
  • Our purpose is to provide clients with information on each option available to them that will enable them to make a well-informed and educated decision.
  • We recognize the importance of sharing your concerns with someone who cares and understands in a non-judgmental manner. We respect you for taking the time to search out your options in regard to this very important matter.

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Board Chair | Teresa M


Board Chair
Teresa M.

  • Year(s) of Service: 4 years
  • Occupation: Labour/Postpartum Doula and Childbirth educator
  • Why I joined the board: I am privileged to have been a casual volunteer at the centre for 18 years and have always loved what I observed happening. Finally, I have the time to increase my involvement and help support this amazing organization that is impacting families in need on a daily basis.

Vice-Chair | Jerren H.


Jerren H.

  • Year(s) of Service: 6 years
  • Occupation: Midwife
  • Why I joined the board: When my mother was my age, she opened, operated and eventually participated on the Board of a crisis pregnancy centre in Ohio. I want to carry on the tradition in my family to support families in crisis. As a midwife, volunteering in this ministry naturally aligns with the work that I do.
Board Secretary | Emily H.

Board Secretary
Emily H.

  • Year(s) of Service: 3 years
  • Occupation: Elementary Teacher
  • Why I joined the board: To be the hands and feet of Jesus to young pregnant women when they feel alone and vulnerable in the community I was raised and live in

Treasurer | Jaye S


Jaye S.

  • Year(s) of Service: <1 Year
  • Occupation: Financial Services Professional
  • Why I joined the board: Feeling prompted by God, I joined this board because I felt that there was something I had to offer this ministry through skills I have obtained during my work career. I want to be part of the impact that this ministry is currently having in the community and part of the growth that I can see happening in the near future.
Samantha R | Fundraising Lead

Fundraising Lead
Samantha R.

  • Year(s) of Service: 2 years
  • Occupation: Voice coach and ESL teacher
  • Why I joined the board: I was inspired to join the board after hearing our staff speak about how the centre impacts our community first hand. I felt lead to be apart of a ministry that builds women, children and families up within our own community, and transforms lives in a safe and caring environment.
Amanda B | Health & Safety Lead

Health & Safety Lead
Amanda B.

  • Year(s) of Service: 1
  • Occupation: Student
  • Why I joined the board: I was so encouraged and inspired by the work that the staff and volunteers at the Centre do day in and day out, and wanted to be a part of the lasting impact on the community of vulnerable women and families in Markham as well.
Jessica Y | Communications Lead

Communications Lead
Jessica Y.

  • Year(s) of Service: <1 year
  • Occupation: IT Project Manager
  • Why I joined the board: I wanted to be a part of a ministry that was serving the needs of the people in my neighbourhood, and to see how He could use my skills and expertise to help further this ministry.


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